Case Studies

Veba Oil and Gas UK Ltd
Provided a Work over control system and supplied experienced personnel to install 3 Subsea Trees on Veba’s Guillemot West Field in the North Sea.

Centrica/Global Santa Fe
Provided 18 ¾” x 10,000psi Vetco H4 Connector and hydraulic control system to drill and complete the ‘Bains Well’ from a Jack-up in Morecambe Bay.

Provided Subsea Wellhead crossover assembly (18 ¾” Cameron collet connector down x 18 ¾” Vetco H4 mandrill up) complete with ROV controls to test Prosafe’s Regalia MSV Subsea lubrication system in Norway.

Cameron Oil Tools
Provided Cameron at short notice with Work over Control System, hydraulic power unit and jumper hose assembly to allow the installation of a tubing hanger on Conoco’s Banff Field.

Wellops (Seawell)
Provided Wellops with an 18 ¾” x 10,000psi H4 Connector for use with their own lubrication assembly, to allow the plugging and abandonment of several 18 ¾” Vetco Subsea Wellheads for Marathon Oil.

Frontier Drilling
Provided two 18 ¾” x 10,000psi Hydril double ram BOP’s (fully rebuilt and re-certified) for use in Singapore.